What is Nexus?

We are Nexus: an art-platform, a new artistic makerspace in Weesp, where a group of ambitious young artists from different disciplines meet eachother. Platform Nexus consists of a permanent core group of six young makers who move between the worlds of theatre, performance and installation art. The projects that our platform produces are mainly of the physical and spatial kind.


Nexus is an artistic home, a space in which we can experiment and develop our artistic practice. We want to do this together, because a shared space can be an inspirational one. On a daily basis, we encounter one another and each other’s projects, and in time we would like to expand these encounters towards other young makers, local businesses and audiences - shaped as artistic collaborations, workshops and events. We want to share our work and presentation possibilities, with each other, other makers and Weesp.


Our philosophy

In Latin, ‘Nexus’ means the connection between different points, the space between different players. While making our (individual) projects, we seek creative support and connection with each other. We believe that this can already be found by merely sharing a space. By sharing responsibility for a workspace, by working and building alongside one another, we believe that artistic cross-overs, inspiring encounters and surprising collaborations can arise. Together, we seek ‘nexus’; we want to develop ourselves and our work by moving in the ‘in between’, by experimenting, inspiring and encountering.