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Support us! Platform Nexus launched crowdfunding!

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Help start Platform Nexus: a new artistic makerspace in Weesp, where young artists will meet each other. With your help, we can renovate our currently empty warehouse into a theatre hall, workspace and dance studio.

We are a group of young makers who share a workspace. We rent this amazing 440m2 warehouse at Het Domijn in Amsterdam, where we work, rehearse, build and do our artistic research on a daily basis. We work on our individual projects, but by sharing a space we hope to inspire one another and enter into collaborations. Over time, we have bigger ambitions: we would like to invite other young makers to use our space, we want to organize events, give workshops and show our work to audiences. We call Nexus a ‘makerspace’: a place where young makers can meet, experiment and start projects.

In order to realize these ambitions, we need to renovate our space - at the moment, our warehouse is practically empty. We are already working there, but without walls, mirrors, lamps, toilets or heating. In the course of this year, we want to convert our space into a workspace, a theatre hall, an office space and a dance studio.

Therefore, today we started with a crowdfunding campaign at voordekunst (a crowdfunding platform for the cultural field). If we raise €10.000, we will receive an additional €5.000 from Amsterdamse Fonds for the Kunst. This would give us a fantastic start and allow Nexus to become the makerspace we dream of.

With this mail, I would like to ask you if you are able / willing to support us in the form of a donation. Every amount helps us tremendously! If you donate, you can also choose some nice reciprocal activities, including one where I can share my latest work with you; a video I made in Norway 'softly open our mouths in the cold'.

But, of course, feel free to choose one of the activities of my partners (or none at all).

For more information about the crowdfunding and to donate, please visit the voordekunst-page:

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