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Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Nice to see you here! This is the first item on our news page. Here we will post updates on what we are working on, with regards to the renovation, our work and our thoughts.

What is happening at Nexus at the moment?

We are building up, in the literal sense regarding the renovation, but also in exploring what the space has to offer us.

Goda taught her first movement classes.

Han has been building stage elements.

Rachel is networking in Weesp, and has already welcomed many local cultural players in our space.

Neal has made a decor.

Ever Monday morning, before our weekly meeting, we all do a yoga session in the studio.

There have also been other young makers who have made use of our space.

There has also been a small party.

It is so nice to see our space in action. We are far from finished making the space fully workable (we are still working with our winter jackets on, the coffee machine and water boiler can’t be switched on at the same time without the fuses blowing, etc.). But the fact that we have already got the space to a point where the above things could become

reality, is already great. It gives us courage, it makes us dream of what is yet to come.

Are you a maker / cultural organisation in Weesp, Amsterdam or elsewhere, and would you like to see our space?

Mail to We would love to meet you!

Do you want to keep posted about our activities?

We will post regular updates on our instagram:

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