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We are Platform Nexus. 

A movement, a collective, a group of individual artists from different disciplines. 

Together we share a workspace in the community of Het Domijn in Weesp. 


What binds us is that we believe in our interdependency. 

We want to explore the spaces in between. 

To challenge ourselves to go further than ourselves.
Into unknown territories. Hybrid spaces. New disciplines.
Re-thinking ways of working, collaborating and sharing. 


We are not a melting pot and we don’t have a hierarchical structure. 

It’s about keeping the game alive, keeping the flow and holding the space together. 

Each from their own perspective and strength. 

It’s about creating a fertile ground, to facilitate growth and empower each other. 


We want to engage in a dynamic relation. 

We are like housemates, without knowing what kind of house it is we are building.

We are finding out the house rules along the way. 

This requires a willingness for an open dialogue, taking responsibility for our own voice, while listening to the choir we form together. 

Listening to what the space, our common ground, has to offer. 

As an organism that we are all part of, we will take care of it. 


This space we are making, this platform, will generate new projects.

These projects are body’s of work,

and they don’t have to fit into any conventional constraint. 

We are independent and we want to break through the expectations of an artist. 

Our platform is a laboratorium, where we shift the focus to the process

instead of the product. 

Giving a process time to breath, or creating a 100 pieces of work in one day. 

Making way for new forms. Designing our own disciplines. 

Being curious and stubbornly free. 

It’s this organic process that we believe in. 


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