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Babette Kalker


“I see Nexus as a space for encounter and process. The works of the members next to each other seem very different, but during the making process they share the inspiration for the physical; in the sense of space, body and environment. They are guided by what and who they encounter, by each other, by the relationships between people, things and nature. I am happy to be able to support Nexus in facilitating these encounters.”

Babette Kalker (Amsterdam, 1995) is a theatre scholar and dramaturg. During her studies (BA in Theatre Studies at the University of Amsterdam and MA in Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy at Utrecht University), she has been working as a dramaturg, creative producer and programme maker. As a theatre scholar, she specialised in the combination of theatre and ecology. She loves theatre and performance for its potential to release multifaceted and contradictory sensations, emotions and thoughts, to make complex issues tangible in an embodied way. 

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