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Goda Žukauskaitė


"Nexus is my creative home, the place of constant sharing, challenging and researching. It’s the place where I can develop and build my artistic self, learn new things and take responsibility for creating the space where lots of different makers are able to work side by side, interact and feed each other. It’s a lifetime project, it’s a family, it’s a small universe by itself, which will keep on transforming and finding ways to interconnect."

Goda (Lithuania, 1993, currently based in Amsterdam) is mostly focused on durational and site-specific performances, which vary in length from 4, 9, 12, 36 up to even 80 hours. Her work has been presented all around the world: Lithuania, the Netherlands, Italy, India and more. After a successful presentation of st.One 33+3 (length: 36 hours), she is now in contact with the Marina Abramovic 

Institute for future collaboration. 

Recently, she presented 78h. ungrowing grass, where for 78 days she performed an hour on live-stream from the boat she is living on. This was an inspiration to start a creative platform called Vagebond, for sharing and performing projects on her boat.

Goda is also leading various movement and performance based workshops in the Netherlands and Lithuania, for both professionals and non professionals. 

In 2018, Goda graduated from the AHK, Modern Theatre Dance department. Ever since, she is performing in companies such as Kalpanarts and Schweigman& and working with various independent artists and organisations around The Netherlands and Lithuania. She has done residencies at Troubleyn / Jan Fabre Laboratorium in Antwerp (BE) and Farm Studio - International Artist Residency in Andore (IN). 

Her work is supported by Lithuanian Dance Information Center and Lithuanian Council for Culture. 

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