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Karlijn Hamer


"Platform Nexus gives me the space to reunite all my activities in order to develop my work in music theatre: An office, room for experimenting with performers and musicians, and even building and montage is possible.

A great perspective for the future to be part of this inspiring group of artists, and contribute to managing this great platform."

Karlijn is a singer and performer, graduated from the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam and the music theatre master TIME (part of Kon Con Den Haag in collaboration with De Veenfabriek). In 2022-2023 she is creating two productions as part of the Nieuwe Makersregeling, under supervision of musical theatre collective Touki Delphine. Karlijn shapes her performances with a strong musical base, in which she builds worlds of sound that tickle the audience's senses. She searches for connection between music, body and space. Currently, there are two performances in her name: COLLAPS and ZOG, both awarded with awards for upcoming talent (COLLAPS 2016, Amsterdam Fringe Award; ZOG 2019 Operadagen Rotterdam Award innovating talent).


“Hamer’s work is unique and is best described as a musical trip. Alluding to Björk or Laurie Anderson, she creates atmospheric installations in which the audience wanders through landscapes of sound. The result is an almost spiritual experience which can only be described as an entirely unique form of musical theatre.”

Advice committee Operadagen Award 2019 on ZOG

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