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NEXUS TURNING THE HOUSE is a spatial exposition, a theatrical quest, where a collection of spatial and physical work find, form and enforce one another. With Nexus, we embrace the search, the experiment, the different stages of making and the delicate moments of sharing. During NEXUS TURNING THE HOUSE, we will try to extend our philosophy by sharing it with an audience. That is why we warmly invite you to experience this in-between-space with us; by moving between different works (some of them finished, some of them in-progress), we expect artistic crossovers, accidental inspirations and refreshing associations.

Come come come!

PROGRAMME // White Noise – Tamar Blom: installation // Apocalypse – Tamar Blom: installation // The Descent – Tamar Blom: video, work-in-progress // ZOG – Karlijn Hamer: sound installation // bones – Goda Zukauskaite: durational performance // Softly open our mouths in the cold – Rachel Schuit: video // Shaping Senses – Rachel Schuit: theatrical route, work-in-progress

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