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Fundraiser was a big succes!

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Last Saturday was the festive kick-off of our crowdfunding campaign. It was a great success! Goda was there with her durational performance Bones, Karlijn with her music installation ZOG, mime collective Rotor performed Erosion with the scenography of Han, and various video-artworks by Rachel, Tamar and Han were viewed.

A special day, through which our space really comes to life. And this is exactly what Nexus is about: encounters, inspiration, and being able to share new work.

This event was the start and part of our crowdfunding campaign at voordekunst. We are collecting money to facilitate a big renovation of our warehouse, so that we can produce and show our work more often and in different ways. With this fantastic kick-off, we have already reached 20% of our target amount in the first weekend! That is absolutely great, but we are not there yet. Support us by donating via this link: With your help, we can make Nexus possible: a new art-platform for young makers, an artistic home for ourselves and others.

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